Emission Offset Action: Biruni Consulting’s Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation through SRN PPI of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry

In response to the pressing challenge of climate change, the concept of emission offset has garnered increasing attention. Recognizing the urgency for concrete action, Biruni Consulting has taken a pivotal role in climate change mitigation by contributing to emission offset programs initiated by SRN PPI of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.


Understanding Emission Offset Action

Emission offset involves balancing or compensating greenhouse gas emissions by taking measures that reduce or eliminate an equivalent amount of emissions elsewhere. This action is crucial in supporting efforts to achieve carbon neutrality or net zero emissions.


Registration with SRN PPI

With a keen awareness of its environmental impact, Biruni Consulting has registered itself with SRN PPI of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. This registration provides the company direct access to various climate change mitigation programs and initiatives, including emission offset actions.


Contribution to Emission Offset Action

Carbon Footprint Measurement: The initial step taken by Biruni Consulting is to measure its carbon footprint. This involves identifying emission sources within the company’s operations, ranging from energy resources to transportation.


Choice of Offset Projects: Based on the carbon footprint measurements, Biruni Consulting selects suitable emission offset projects. These projects may involve afforestation, renewable energy generation, or other initiatives effectively reducing or eliminating carbon emissions.


Participation in SRN PPI Programs: Biruni Consulting actively participates in emission offset action programs managed by SRN PPI. Through participation, the company supports the development of sustainable projects that effectively reduce environmental impact.


Support for Climate Change Mitigation Goals

By contributing to emission offset action, Biruni Consulting provides tangible support for the climate change mitigation goals set by the government through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. This step is also aligned with global commitments to achieve net zero emission targets.


Increasing Environmental Awareness

Biruni Consulting’s participation in emission offset action also has a positive impact on increasing environmental awareness among employees and business partners. This creates a corporate culture that cares for the environment, encouraging every individual to play an active role in protecting our planet.



Biruni Consulting has demonstrated that emission offset action is not merely a trend but a real contribution to climate change mitigation. By participating in SRN PPI programs of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, the company not only fulfills its environmental responsibility but also actively contributes to building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Emission offset action serves as a foundation for the company to continue innovating in environmentally conscious business practices for the preservation of our Earth.

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