SNI Services for Products
SNI (Indonesian National Standard) is the only standard nationally applicable in Indonesia. Several products, such as home appliances, steel products, tires wheels, foods, chemical products, bicycles, baby cloths, and toys, which are regulated by related ministry and intended to be marketed in Indonesia are mandatory to be approved for compliance with SNI.

The main purposes of the regulated SNI are for warranty the safety and quality of the products for end users.

BIRUNI CONSULTING is consultant who has expertise in providing assistance and managing SNI certificates related to products, both mandatory and voluntary SNI. We provide full services from the document preparation process (including assistance through SIINas), audit/sampling, labs product
testing, to the process of issuing certificates.


Both mandatory & voluntary SNI are needed as a form of compliance to products’ quality requirements and consumer safety standards in Indonesian market.

Benefits at a glance by managing SNI certification through BIRUNI, you will:
Get the advantage of avoiding long queues and huge administrative procedures and documents, because everything is taken care of through us. You don’t need to take care of yourself.

Obtain more confident approval for your product to get certified and access to Indonesian market
through our end to end SNI certification

Get a free business advice and opinion about the market related to the product you certify.

Konsultan Bisnis

    We have extensive and in-depth knowledge of businesschallenges in Indonesia, and coupled with the experience of our expert consultants in dealing with global and national brands and institutions, makes us the viable partner for you.


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